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Key Reasons to join MCG Network

MCG Network consultants access the quality and variety of work of a top management consulting firm, with all the benefits of working independently. Some of our people have chosen independent consulting as a career; others work on projects while considering their next career move or preparing to launch their own businesses or projects.

Project variety: Our business model generates a perpetual pipeline of very interesting and high profile opportunities for consultants without business development pressure.

Flexibility: Our model enables consultants to have control over the type and timing of the work they do, as well as the role they play within the team and with our clients.

Leadership: Our leadership consists exclusively of former McKinsey & Company consultants who share similar values and professional standards.

Association: Our consultants are independent, but recognized as a part of the community. Our business model facilitates team collaborations, while connecting with leadership and experts for thoughtful input.

Perspective: We offer our consultants the unique opportunity to gain a perspective on clients from different industries and growth stages, who have typically been underserved by top tier consulting firms.

Reward: We offer a highly competitive financial reward to our consultants, competitive with the compensation available at top-tier management consulting firms.

Key benefits to join MCG In-house

In-house MCG consultants are keen problem-solvers who want to resolve important and interesting business issues. They enjoy working closely with our clients and get great satisfaction from seeing the impact of their work.

Fast track: We employ “up-or-out” system for our in-house consultants, and the velocity of their career growth is not bounded by tenure as is the case most of the top tier consulting firms.

Multiversity: Our model enables even junior consultants to work not only on delivery but to contribute in business origination, firm development, and assets creation.

Force: Our consultants are well trained through the client fields, leadership exposure, and MCG Network multicultural exchange that allows to build unattainable professional skills.

Trendiness: We preach true owner mindset and entrepreneurial spirit that results in the maturity of our consultants, who are highly demanded by the corporate sector–but most of them choose to set up own businesses.

Prosperity: Our consultants are fully self-sufficient society members who are poised for success in any activity they choose to dedicate themselves, and the first steps toward that success is the financial steadiness and the connections we provide.

Personal Involvement: We do not just do business together; our relationships go far beyond mere professional growth. The boutique size of our in-house community provides unparalleled personal support.

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