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Our mission is to support the Russian economy on its path of improving competitiveness through adapting the cutting-edge business practices, innovations and digital technologies to Russian business realities

Over the last years Russia has faced significant economic challenges. Currently the country is in demand for new sources of substantial economic growth and in transit to diversified and globally competitive economy in long-term perspective.

Below is a long list of internal factors responsible for slowing down the Russian economy progress:
– Outdated methods of doing business adopted by most of the companies
– Ineffective practices of private and public sectors interaction
– Low penetration of contemporary digital technologies caused by unclear incentives for innovations adaptation
– Overdependence on foreign experts and technologies in some key parts of economy (e.g. audit and project management)
– Overall inability or unwillingness of Russian business to openly compete on international markets

The mission of MCG is to support all companies running business on the territory of Russian Federation to overcome the local obstacles by deploying the world-class top-notch experts, adapting advanced knowledge and actively implementing effective business instruments and practices.

Moscow Consulting Group is a unique Russian center of expertise which successfully competes with internationally recognized management consulting houses.

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