Who are we looking for?

We are always keen to hear from exceptional, motivated and successful problem-solvers who want to resolve important and interesting business issues

Consulting services require a full set of special skills and capabilities. Our people earn the right to give recommendations and advice to established businesses and savvy business owners through our experience, top-notch skills and ability to gain solid knowledge and derive right conclusions in all areas of business management in a fast and efficient way. We are constantly in search for high-caliber and high-potential members for our MCG team. In particular we are looking for people with:

Problem solving skills

Often our teams have to make right decisions in ambiguous situations. And these decisions then lead to strategic plans that have significant impact on the clients’ profits and competitive positions. We value people who effectively produce hypotheses, checks and validate them, and provide clients with the best possible actionable solutions to drive future success.

Strong team player

To deliver fast results our teams have to work efficiently. We work long hours together, and we cannot afford to spend this time with people who do not share our values and whom we are not comfortable. Thus, only open-minded and supportive people are selected for our team.

Leadership abilities

Leadership is essential to drive our clients to actionable decisions and visible results. Our teams’ final goal is to convince the clients to act on recommended steps and implement changes. True leadership skills are essential for our applicants.

Owner mindset

During projects, each of our team member, even the most junior one, is assigned clear role and a separate workstream he or she is fully responsible for. And the success of the project depends on the quality of each workstream. Thus, we value candidates who prove their ability to take responsibility and work independently.

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